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TomTom GPS Map Update

How different are TomTom Maps from Google Maps and how to update TomTom Navigation Devices?

TomTom Maps and Google Maps both help you with the same thing. They assist you in navigating a place when you are on the move, i.e. driving your car. Some believe,a while back, Google Maps actually were actually TomTom Maps.

TomTom Maps and Google Maps – The Difference

The difference between the two is that Google Maps are always up to date but TomTom is not. This is because the former is streaming map data to users and latter works offline. However, it is always up to date on the servers.

The fact that TomTom works offline should not matter to you if your region’s roads are not going to change their structure too soon.

The biggest advantage with these maps is that you can save on your device’s consumption of bandwidth. In case you have network connectivity issues, these offline style maps are the best for you as they are not depending on the internet connection to guide your way through.

They are also the best when it comes to traffic information and ETA estimation. On the other hand, when you live in dynamically changing areas and want share location Google Maps would be just the thing for you.

Another point to note is that GPS devices work based on the signals from satellites far away in the earth’s orbit. So, basically they are receivers of those signals and have no requirement of an active internet connection. TomTom navigation devices have the maps saved in their permanent memory. Therefore, you don’t need to have an internet connection. Your location will be visible on the map.

Google Maps don’t allow you to download maps on your phone. To use Google Maps you need to sign in from your Google account and for that you must have internet access. Though there is a save offline map option for you, there is a restriction to save only a 50×50 km area. Therefore, it is clear that TomTom is better in certain cases.

How to Update TomTom Maps?

TomTom map update keeps coming once every 3 months. For those who have a PND (personal navigation device), every TomTom update is free for a lifetime. However, if you have an old version of it, you have to make a payment for each update. There are many offers in which you can choose to pay once a year and get every update for a lesser price.

If you have a GPS device, you will have to plug it into a computer that has the TomTom software installed on order to get the latest TomTom update. User has to do this once every quarter and there are no reminders for the same.

In case you use the app on your smartphone or tab, you will get an update once in 3 months through a free store update. This comes free of cost.

Do you want to know how to update TomTom unit in a step by step manner?

Here is how to get TomTom GPS update or TomTom navi update,

1) Install MyDrive Connect application on your computer.

2) Connect your device to the PC and wait for the application start by itself.

3) The new screen will allow you to login and choose the update you want to install on your device.

For your information, MyDrive Connect is an application provided by TomTom to help you with managing content and services on the navigation device. That is, for you to get the TomTom GPS update or TomTom navi update. Through MyDrive Connect, you will get the latest updates with regard to software updates and services. Update regularly to order to get the best experience while driving. There are a number of fixes and updates every now and then. Just ensure that you use the latest version of MyDrive.

Contact customer support if there is a glitch while trying to update your unit. Simply describe the problem to resolve the issues. This way you can continue to get update TomTom.